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RAOS Patrons

Mrs. C.E.A. Alder                                     
Mr. & Mrs. J. Anderson                     
Mrs. G.M. Bell                                        
Mrs. C. Bishop                                       
Mrs. A. Clark                                             
Mr. & Mrs. D.F. Clements        
Mrs. C. Cox                                                 
Mr. R. Duffield                                         
Mrs. B.M. Elliott                                     
Mrs. J. Fawcett                                                                   
 Mr. J. Gatford
 Mr. & Mrs. J. Gaughan
Mr. I. Geldart 
Mrs. P. Hardisty   
Dr. & Mrs. D. Jeary  
Mr. & Mrs. P.E. Johnson   
Mr. & Mrs. B. Kay    
Mr. & Mrs. M. Liddle
Mrs. M. Livingston  
Mr. D.M. McFarlane 
Mr. & Mrs. A.V. Moore  
Mrs. M. Nelson    
Mr. & Mrs. M. Newbould    
Mr. & Mrs. B.A. Pollard    
Mr. & Mrs. B. Price  
Mrs. M.G. Refearn  
Mr. & Mrs. M.G. Spurgeon
Mr. & Mrs. A. Thompson      
Mr. & Mrs. S. Verity          
Mr. B. Weatherhead                    
Life Members
Mr. R. Ainsley                                    
Dr. & Mrs. A. Day                           
Mr. & Mrs. T. Elleker                   
Mrs. M. Ferguson                        
Mrs. D. Flockton                             
Mr. & Mrs. K. Harding       

 Mr. & Mrs. B. Hilton
Mrs. J. Pringle
Mrs. S. Pringle
Mrs. R. Squires
Mr. & Mrs. A. Swarbrick 
Mrs. V. Schornagel

Becoming a Patron
Ripon Operatic Society patrons are vital to the Charity's  ongoing activities.   Our annual patrons membership receive:

° Priority booking for our main show
° A free ticket for each subscription (two for doubles)
° A free programme

Subscriptions are currently £30 (single individual) and £50 (couple)

If you feel you could support us in this way, please contact our Patrons Secretary.

We thank all patrons for their continued support